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Our system is built to accommodate internal, private PD requirements, including a private home page for officers and staff to stay up to date on important info. Some of this includes intel briefs, announcements, traffic & accident records, house property check requests, internal policy documents and more. This is meant to cut back on painful paper processes, provide long lasting digital record backups, and institute a centralized repository for collecting & distributing information.

Not sure if word is getting out in time about important alerts? Ensure officers read important intel briefings with tracking and reminders. Keep department specific announcements in context with a unified system. Track and review history of traffic incidents and accidents. Optionally allow residents to submit vacation house check requests, and use our system to easily see which properties have been reviewed & when. Using paper forms to track patrol car inventory & replenishment? Define a custom loadout for each section, and have officers fill out at the start of their shift. 

We offer discounted packages to those departments whose municipality is also on our system, but we can also do standalone work. Contact us now to get a quote!

Police officer

 Private Intel briefs
 Internal announcements
 Traffic & accident records
 Vacation house checks tracking
 Patrol car inventory
 Internal policy documents

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