Digital Transformation´╗┐

Digitally transform your municipality by storing records & forms online. Allow board members and citizens to access files and folders and to search the databases to easily find what they are looking for.

Manage your systems centrally or optionally delegate to members. Keep your processes efficient. Allow board members or department clerks to keep their own documents up to date.´╗┐ Our segmented permissions allow you to give access without worrying about someone editing the wrong place.

Move away from clumsy paper records that eat up time

Native Search´╗┐ Algorithms

No need for visitors to comb through google if they can't find something. The Town Software systems have built in search capabilities. Visitors may type a keyword for a file without having to leave the website. Moreover, they can then filter through those results by board member or date. Town Software is designed to make finding needed information easy.

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