Take the pain out of scheduling

One of the most difficult tasks continues to be coordinating the schedules of two different parties for an appointment or meeting. How many times do you have ask about availability and check your calendar before you finalize a meeting? If you have customer appointments, are these customers able to painlessly schedule time with you? Or are you missing out on opportunities? Free up your time and that of your employees to focus on deep tasks instead of chasing emails and phone calls.

Allow customers to schedule appointments online that seamlessly fit into your schedule, with buffer between events & customized to your work day. Automatically send out reminders and more. Legend Software has the consulting expertise to identify & implement a solution customized for your needs. 

Our Solutions

  • Microsoft Bookings. This off the shelf Office 365 app presents a form that allows visitors to view your calendar availability without seeing any private details, and schedule appointments that fit into your custom guidelines. It can be used to setup custom services, work schedules & follow up emails.
  • Office 365 Cortana Virtual Assistant. Microsoft is developing a virtual assistant that focuses on work productivity. Already there are capabilities to use Cortana to more easily schedule meetings via email, regardless of recipient. Cortana also has voice capabilities that allow you to more easily understand your availability and schedule meetings by speaking while driving or on the move.
  • Custom Applications. If you have a more specific & custom need, we may be able to help by developing a custom web application. Contact us to find out more.

How We Can Help

Legend Software is a team not just of developers, but consultants and business experts. Let us work with you to understand your business requirements, and plan out a solution that fits your budget. We're experts in Microsoft based solutions but have the capability to develop custom solutions as well.

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Ready to get started?
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